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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Have I mentioned before how much I like using my air compressor and air powered tools? I have? Well you won't be surprised then when I repeat myself! I like using air tools! I don't know how I ever got anything accomplished before I had air.

What's the big deal? I fixed that dangblasted ratzenfraten dishwasher tonight with the help of air power. And a new tool of course! It was this 3/8" impact wrench that did the trick to remove that reluctant bolt that stymied me all weekend.

And of course, I failed to check the prices online before strutting into the store and whipping out my debit card, so I see from the link that I paid too much for my shiny new tool... Rats! I may carry it back and request the internet price and a refund tomorrow...

Anyway, tonight I'm the hero and there's blueberry pie and ice cream awaiting my attention next!

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